Supplementary Videos


Mindfulness, the Mind, and Addictive Behavior – Judson Brewer

Letting Go in Meditation – Peter Russell & Shauna Shapiro

Learning Focusing – Ann Weiser Cornell

How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains- Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011

Emotional Intelligence- Positive emotions & mindfulness by emotional intelligence coach Rachel Green

Non Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg interview

Power of Empathy – Ann Weiser Cornell

Sanctuary – Jack Kornfield

Tara Brach on the RAIN of Self-Compassion

Vidyamala Burch – ‘Living Well With Pain And Illness’ – Interview by Iain McNay

Violinist Joshua Bell turns train station into concert hall

Why a Neuroscientist Would Study Meditation – Willoughby Britton

Ten Mindful Movements – ThichNhat Hahn

Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain

The Psychology of Stress – Robert Sapolski