Getting Started

To start your journey to become a mindful caregiver, provided is an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. The program contains weekly guided practices, videos, and information sheets specific to each week. To build your mindfulness skills, a formal and informal workbook are also provided to allow you to record and reflect after each practice. As this is a highly experiential program, daily practice is essential. We recommend allowing about 30 minutes each day to practice and reflect.


Some of the activities outlined in this program include light stretches and exercises. For safety purposes, you should first consider the appropriate level of training based on your ability to perform the exercises. Mastering a movement or posture with the correct form is essential for all the exercises to minimize injury risks.

Some exercises may need to be adapted or avoided if you have significant pain in the muscles trained. Some videos such as “Mindful Yoga” has adaptations which may assist those who find the standard videos too challenging.

If this is your first attempt of doing some exercise after some time, you may experience soreness within 1-2 days after the exercise. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS are part of the muscle building process which leads to bigger, stronger muscles. It feels like a mild ache or tenderness of the muscles trained and should improve as you continue training.

If you feel a new, sharp pain during exercise, you should stop the activity and consult your health professional. Finally, it is also important to note any potential injuries in Health and Safety, and refer to your doctor for further investigation if required.