Below you will find both formal and informal practice logs for the Mindfulness training phase of the program. Weeks 1-8 will have their individual log sheets focusing on a specific mindfulness practice, while weeks 9 and above would encompass all the activities you have learned during the past 8 weeks. For each week, you are meant to use both the formal practice logs and the informal practice log together. All materials below are in PDFs which you will be able to download and print.

Formal Practice Logs

Informal Practice Logs

Exercise Logs
Below you will find exercise logs for both resistance training and balance training. To start recording your exercise activities for the week, simply download and print out the log sheets and select which days you have completed your training. Log your activities by ticking the box next to the exercises you’ve completed for that day.

You may also want to indicate the weight used for the resistance training and your level of mastery for the balance training. Keeping a record of your progress will help you visualize what you have achieved through the training, and may help with exercise programing to include all your muscle groups.